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Beautiful packaging, fast shipping, and an amazing, tasty, addicting product! I was so impressed and will definitely be buying again.

Cici P.

We have tasted many peanut butter cups but these are the most delicious ones! They are super tasty without containing all that sugar! Bravo CUPPED desserts! You nailed it!!

Teresa T.

These cups are incredible! I can’t stop ordering them. Each flavor is extremely luxurious and made only with the finest ingredients. Thank you CD!

Dilara B.

The quality of the chocolate and other ingredients is absolutely top notch, and the flavors are really creative. You can tell these are made without cutting a single corner.

George A.

These perfectly bite-sized creations are not just delicious, they’re also original in their texture and flavor combinations, and they’re really appealing visually. I’ve loved giving them as gifts to my relatives and friends.

Catherine M.

These chocolates are a small but big moment of happiness. Made with such care that one can taste all the flavors separately yet together. Simply the best!

Nathonya C.

The Cara Mia Orange Cup is nothing like I had before, it has the perfect flavor that I can not find anywhere else. Once you order one box of Cupped Dessert you will keep going back.

Chris O.

From the first bite of Cupped Desserts chocolate you can just TELL how much thought, time, and care went into the ingredients and the process. I am always so excited to see what flavor they will come up with next!

Áine B.

Every bite is filled with real ingredients that you can taste! Once you take a bite you just can’t stop craving for more. These are a great gift for my girlfriend, she absolutely loves them!

Josh S.