Vegan Lovers Dark Chocolate Mixed Box

Vegan Lovers Dark Chocolate Mixed Box

Fall in love with Cupped Desserts with our 3 Flavor Love Box. This set includes Lovers Chocolate Strawberry Cup, Double Dark Sprinkle Cups, and our Lovers Chocolate Raspberry Cup.


Lovers Chocolate Raspberry Cups

A sensual pairing of dark chocolate and the pure natural taste of raspberries. We cook down raspberries into their most intense flavor to form our raspberry jam layer that is paired with a smooth dark chocolate raspberry ganache to create the ultimate tasting experience.


Double Dark Sprinkle Cups

Loaded with 68 percent dark chocolate and made with a crunchy sprinkle-top, our Double Dark Sprinkle Cup is vegan friendly and made with pure, fair-trade bean to bar chocolate.


Lovers Chocolate Strawberry Cups

Evoking the sumptuous taste of chocolate-covered strawberries, our

Lovers Chocolate Strawberry Cup is a flavorful alternative to the dipped fruit. Its smooth dark chocolate strawberry ganache and strawberry jam filling pack the same passion using our finest ingredients.


The box contains 15 chocolates. To add a complimentary message please send us a note at checkout.

  • Vegan // Gluten-Free // Nut Free

    *Allergen Warning* made in a facility that also processes peanuts



New York, NY


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